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Product 12/26
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Harmon Kardon Drive & Play iPod Adapter

Model: Harmon Kardon Drive & Play iPod
Manufactured by: Harmon Kardon
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Go into any Apple Store and you will see people buying iPods from the time the store opens until locking up for the night. Chances are, many Ars readers own one or have at least one family member who does, maybe even two or three. They're great for listening to music while walking down the street, riding your bike, and working. But driving? Taking several thousand of your favorite songs on the road with you everytime you go for a drive is a beautiful thing, but the question of how best to enjoy your iPod in the car remains.
There are usually two answers:

Option 1: get an FM Transmitter. This is a device that plugs into your iPod, usually at the top, and broadcasts your music via a short-range FM signal at the frequency of your choosing. You then tune your car radio into that frequency and hope that there's no interference from an area FM station. Interference is especially problematic in large metropolitan areas.

Option 2: get a tape adapter. You remember these from back when the Discman came out. You plug the cord into your headphone jack and stick the tape into the tape deck of your car (presuming you have one, of course). Problem is, it doesn't sound that great. And if you don't have a tape deck in your car, it's not much of an option.

Both of these options have their merits, but neither are very elegant given that you just spent at least �180 on your fancy new iPod. Of course more and more car manufacturers are adding iPod integration as added features to their cars, such as BMW, VW, Toyota and others, but most of us aren't going to accessorize our iPods by buying a car.

Enter Drive + Play.
This device emulates the iPod controls and display to try to bring an iPod-like experience to the car stereo. And it does a pretty decent job.

Harman Drive Play Overview
Harman Drive Play puts the familiar iPod menu on a backlit display right on your car's dashboard or windshield, where you can read it at a glance. The Harman Drive Play is controlled by an intuitive interface that mimics the navigation on your iPod, and is just as easy to use�browse by artist, album, song, genre or composer. Mount the Harman Drive Play in someplace convenient and you can scroll through playlists or switch tracks at your leisure, all while keeping your eyes on the road.

Harman Drive Play Components
A backlit LCD pivoting display, which is designed to be mounted where the driver can easily see the screen while keeping their eyes on the road; a five-button navigation control unit - the navigation wheel is similar to BMW's iDrive wheel, but mimics the iPods controls; and the �Brain� - the unit that connects everything together.

The brain of the Harman Drive Play features a wireless FM modulator with five factory frequencies and one definable by the user. Harman Drive Play also has a 3.5mm auxiliary output so you can connect it to any vehicle that has an auxiliary input jack. An auxiliary input allows the user to route other audio signals like satellite radio through the Harman Drive Play to the vehicle's audio system.

The Harman Drive Play charges the iPod when connected and shuts off when the car turns off. The unit returns to the place in the song where you left off when the vehicle is turned on again.

  • Simple controls: The Harman Drive Play control knob is virtually identical to iPod's Click Wheel so it is immediately familiar to iPod users. With three mounting bases for the most comfortable placement, the Harman Drive Play will be your right-hand man.
  • Nerve center: The brain is the hidden central hub of the Harman Drive Play . You can connect your iPod and place them both out of sight under a seat, in the glovebox or in the center console, with no messy wires and no chance for damage to your iPod. It even charges your iPod when it's plugged in
  • Multiple mounting options: You can connect Harman Drive Play in one of two ways. 1. To the auxiliary input: 3.5mm audio line output. 2.To the antenna input: Wired FM transmitter ( 5 pre-set frequencies, 1 user defined).
  • The Harman Drive Play unit has a second auxiliary input to provide access to other audio devices like satellite radio receivers or a cell phone without unplugging your iPod.
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    This product was added to our catalog on Friday 27 October, 2006.
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